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Sapone vegetale gr. 100
Vegetal soap bar Net Wt 3,5 Oz

Sapone naturale vegetale arricchito con estratto di olivo, dalle note virtu’ nutrienti ed emollienti. Versioni: ALOE con aloe barbadensis extract (lenitivo); ARGAN con argania spinosa oil extract (nutriente); LAVANDA con lavanda officinalis extract (rilassante); GOJI con estratto di bacche di goji (energizzante). Espositore da terra ( h 1mt 1/4 di pallet): Contiene 192 saponette assortite 100 gr

Natural vegetal soap enriched with the well known nourishing and soothing properties of olive as active ingredient. Versions: ALOE with aloe barbadensis extract (soothing); ARGAN with argania spinosa oil extract (nourishing); LAVENDER with lavanda officials extract (relaxing); GOJI with goji berry extract (energizing) Floor stand ( h 1mt 1/4 pallet): Contains 192 assorted soap bar 3.5 net wt

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